The detoxes and relapses of a major Heroin and Morphine addict - Part 61

By Mr Bumble · Dec 13, 2014 · ·
  1. Re: Detox Journal from massive IV morph/heroin habbit

    Thanks for the advice. I definitely will edit the irst post as you said, i think thats a great idea.

    As to taking it slow, I can't do that bro, I'm an all or nothing guy. My habit was massive but when i knew i was ready to try and quit again I had to go for it head on.

    I got the knockout dose just right last night as i took it at 11pm and was asleep by 12 and woke up at 7am so a full nights sleep after reducing from a huge habit down to 150mg of oral morphine is pretty damn good.

    Just taken my next dose which was 100mg morphine, 10mg diazepam, 0.1mg clonidine 1200mg gabapentin.

    Just a word of warning, my doses of non-opiate meds will be getting higher and higher, especially my nighttime knock out dose so i don't reccomend anyone uses theem as a bence mark. I'm a big guy. just over 6 foot tall and well built from doing manual labour most of my life, so if you a smaller built lady say, maybe ease off on the dosage if your going to follow my regime, defo on the clonidine as i will be going as high as 0.3mg when i jump.

    I feel woozy from last nights meds and I'm hoping the 100mgs, of morph will kick in before i feel really sick

    Mr Bumble added 653 Minutes and 32 Seconds later...

    So I just got a lift from my mum to pick up my next prescription from the chemist. I was pretty doped out on clonidine, gaba and diazes and sluring my words and hardly able to walk. Anyway my mum is in the inside lane in heavy traffic and needs to get to the outside, she see's a space, signals and starts to move. the guy behind starts beeping his horn and waving his fist at us. So me being me I give him the bird.

    Well that didn't go down well and he starts to get out of his car. I don't know what happened but instinct took over and a rush of adrenaline have me undoing my seat belt and diving out the car.
    Well adrenaline wasn't enough to combat all the meds I on and the next thing I know I'm getting punched in the face.

    have you ever had a dream where you can't move your arms or legs properly, well thats exactly what it was like.

    Luckly for me he punched like a girl (no offence ladies, it's just a saying, I know many of you can punch dam hard) So I took a fair few in the faceand had to admit defeat. couldnt even raise my arms to cover up. I've boxed for years and I just stood there getting my face punched in.

    O well still got all my teeth and a minor bruise on my cheek.

    Moral of this story is A. Don't get involved in road rage B. don't get in a fight when heavily sedated

    Mr Bumble added 103 Minutes and 0 Seconds later...

    12 hours from last morph dose so just taken 50mg, well actually it's 45 as i had a 15 and a 30 and I did'nt want to slip and zomoph cap and get the little balls everywhere. At the same time I took 0.3 mg clonidine and 1500mg gabaptine and 10mg diazepam. was feeling ok which is amazing after 12 hours from taking 100mgs morph seeing as a few days ago I was injecting 300mg just to get out of bed

    Mr Bumble added 441 Minutes and 53 Seconds later...

    Well is 3am or so and i just woke up.Th plan is for 4 times a day doseing.

    Morning, Morph, Gaba, clonidine and a dia

    Lunch gaba, clonidine and diaz

    Evening morp and as above

    Night, gaba, Tamzepam, Nitrazepam (the knock out dose)

    Well I didn;t even make it to the knock out dose and fell, asleep a few hours before. My face is still not bruised but i think my brain must have bounced in my skull a bit when i got hit as i had a banging head ache, lay down at 8pm and fell asleep till now. I opened my pill pot and w staring at the 0.3mg clonidine 20mg of tamzepam and 10mg Nitrazepam thinking "should i take this now?) Well i decided there was no point as i've already sleep so i put them in my emergency pot and just took 0.2mg clonidine and a smaller ten mg tamzepam and a 5mg Nitrazepam and 1200mg gaba. So not enough to knock me out but hopefully enough to control withdrawles as i'm starting to ache. Gonna hold out till 7am then take 30mg moph and some more comfort meds if needed.

    I was doesing the morph at 8am and 8pm but somehow it's ended up as 7 and 7.

    Glad to see some people are reading and enjoying or finding my thread useful, i;ll keep it up :)

    Mr Bumble added 49 Minutes and 6 Seconds later...

    It's now 4.37am and the drug induced sleep haze has worn off and the meds I've takenhave not kicked in and I'm hurting :(

    Mr Bumble added 46 Minutes and 54 Seconds later...

    I really don't want to dig in to my emergency med pot but I'm struggling here. Roll on 7am when I can take my next planned dose :)

    Mr Bumble added 384 Minutes and 49 Seconds later...

    Ok its 11.47 only 13 mins till next dose of diazepam clonidine and gaba and i can;t wait another 13 mins so I'm taking it now. Getting to the really emotional stage and listening to a lot of music which keeps bringing tears to my eyes :(

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  1. Jungledog
    Re: Detox from massive IV morph/heroin 2.0, skip to post 169 for the latest detox

    OMG! I was laughing my ass off about the road rage incident! I needed that. :)

    I find that gabapentin is my wonder drug. A high enough dose of that takes a serious edge off the withdrawal symptoms. You probably already know this but 4.5-5gm is the ceiling dose. So you have wiggle room. Tolerance builds seriously fast to this shit though so save the biggest doses for Days 3-4.

    I started reading from post 169 but plan to get back to the whole thing as I want to know your story. I wish you the best. You tapered fast (I tend to do the same damn thing...just wanted this shit overwith!) so it may still be a bit rough. I will be here to hear you vent. Support somehow makes this all better.
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