The detoxes and relapses of a major Heroin and Morphine addict - Part 67

By Mr Bumble · Dec 14, 2014 · ·
  1. Re: Detox from massive IV morph/heroin 2.0, skip to post 169 for the latest detox

    Hey Lostlygirl

    Well after all my moaning the second dose of meds knocked me clean out!

    I was getting into a real bad head space, lying here on my own in the middle of the night in a lot of mental pain and a fair bit of physical pain to.

    Anyone reading this should not take my clonidine doses as a guide line. It's a dangerous drug and if you OD it's almost immposible to be brought round. I pushed the clonidine hard yesterday and with all the other drugs I'm taking to try and combat WD's I was in a right state.

    I'm glad to say that I can now type again although quite slowly and I manage to get tot the bathroom without falling over, just.

    Last night I took, and this is not in one go but in two doses over a few hours 0.5 clonidine. 40mg tamzepan and I lost count on the nitrazepam and diazepam. but it messed me up. I couldn't see straight, I couldn't walk, i was typing with one finger and could barley see the screen.

    But I just woke up, still a bit messed up and this is day 2 clean! I'm counting yesterday as day one even though I took a 15mg morph in the morning because 15mgs is a joke and for someone with a habit as big as mine it's not even going to touch the sides

    Thanks for the support, I will do my best to read and post in your journals but I'm gonna be pretty heavly sedated for the next few days as the opiates leave my body

    Mr Bumble added 29 Minutes and 13 Seconds later...

    Shit girl on my last detox when things got bad I was doseing 0.3 4 times a day plus extras when i was really struggling at night. I'm a big dude (bone structure and muscle not fat) so maybe that saved me because i was takeing shit load of other drugs to,

    Well I took you advice and only took 0.2 this morning and will try to stick with that, I dose every 4 hours.
    I'll call up good old mum and get some tiger balm today, that stuff is the shit although it stinks

    Thanks JD girl (not man haha)

    Mr Bumble added 15 Minutes and 7 Seconds later...

    Fuck Bumble is out of tobacco and theres no was i'm able to walk to the shop!

    It's also Sunday so good old mum will be having a lie in.

    Scrape that she just turned up to see how i'm doing, made me a cup of tea and is of to buy me baccy.

    Love my mum, drive mad as i do here but i'm damn lucky to have her

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  1. bobes
    Re: Detox from massive IV morph/heroin 2.0, skip to post 169 for the latest detox

    yeah mums can be a mixed blessing through all this tho you are lucky to have her mine gave up on me a while ago claiming my problems hurt her too much - give her a hug for me. Just checking in hope you are doing ok.!
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