The detoxes and relapses of a major Heroin and Morphine addict - Part 68

By Mr Bumble · Dec 14, 2014 · ·
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    That sucks dude. My mums tried to give up on me a few times and has but she knows without her help I wouldnt be able to doo this, she's a good woman and I will give her a hug from you. Really hope you can make things up with her. I'm ure she loves you it's just people deal with pain in different way.
    Nuff love Brother

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    Ok woke up feeling like shit but started to feel a whole lot better, even made it into the gaden and had a couple of fags on the bench and ate a little food. ust took my afternoon dose 0.2mg clonidine and 20mg diazepam, and 1800mg gabapentin. I actually had another 10mgs diaz and 0.1 clonidine but felt i didnt need them so put them in the emergency back up pot. I did the same with my morning dose so my back up pot is getting really stacked

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    Re: Detox from massive IV morph/heroin 2.0, skip to post 169 for the latest detox


    You sound good my friend...I know it sucks but just ride it in waves. It does pass although sometimes it feels like forever. Glad you are laying off the clonidine a bit. Everyone tends to worry about the blood pressure dropping but the real issue with too much is it drastically slows the heart. I have had patients in the hospital on monitors actually develop sinus pauses which means their hearts stopped for as long as several seconds. The dizzy and stumbling you experienced might have been too many benzos or it could have been the result of low blood pressure and low heart rate. I have seen this is young, healthy men...has nothing to do with body type.

    Keep pushing through. You are in DAY 2!!!! I have made it to Day 8. I am actually feeling a bit better this morning...thank God. The past week has truly sucked.

    Love to you from a girl!!!
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