The detoxes and relapses of a major Heroin and Morphine addict - Part 87

By Mr Bumble · Dec 22, 2014 · ·
  1. Re: Detox from massive IV morph/heroin 2.0, skip to post 169 for the latest detox

    Yo! Day Ten and still kicking it!

    Had a really good day yesterday as met up with a good friend who i havent seen since we were in Thailand together in 2009. Had 3 beers and as I havent had more than a one pint in a go all year I was shit faced.

    Sorry for those of you who feel you have to be off all drugs to be clean, for me it's the Heroin that brings me down and I've never had a problem with booze.

    Got home early and was totally knackered, thought I'd sleep but no! Didn't sleep the night before either and as I was getting close to 48 hours no sleep I started to feel like I was losing the plot.

    Went of on one emailing some girl who I don't even know and seems to be happily married with my life story and some bad chat up lines! What a twat!

    Anyways got a busy day today so had to get some sleep. Been trying to stay off the meds but 6am I necked 60mg of Tamazepam. Should knock out a horse but only got me 2 and a bit hours sleep.

    Woke up feeling crappy but had coffee, toast and a few banana's and feeling much better, plus a parcle arrived with some new clothes and they all fit perfect! They never normally seem to when order online but I fully kitted out with some badass new threads and offf to get my tattoo finished tonight.

    Seriously considering going back to the piercing studio, half with the thought of getting my other eyebrow done to match the symatry of my nose studs, and half cos I really fancy the girl who works there.

    Yes the sex drive is finally back!!! with a rengance after being surpressed for so long.

    If your thinking I'm some kind of punk with tats and a face full of metal you'd be mistaken. I'm a bit of a brand boy, G star, diesel, 883Police freash nike's. I just just have a thing for alternative girls so my cunning ploy to get them to look past me being a designer brand wearing twat is to fill my face with metal and this year get a full sleave tattoo, but a proper one, no more of me and my pissed mate writing on my arm in his living room haha.

    Supermono love your taste in music, havent listened to anything that old for ages, although I'm sure all those guys are still going strong and mixing it up in the clubs.

    JD I don't feel any anger issues, well a little but the other emotions are just supressed ones all coming out at once. I was on SSRI's for ages and swore I couldn't be without them. Then one day i ran out an didn't get a new script and realised they did nothing for me.

    Oliverlifes, sorry for going off radar, hope your all good girl

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    35 years old and been an addict for over 20 years now. Detoxing I can do but staying clean is a battle I keep losing. I'll keep on fighting though


  1. Jungledog
    Re: Detox from massive IV morph/heroin 2.0, skip to post 169 for the latest detox

    Love your posts. They are so full of laughter and sense of humor!! You are doing well but lay off the benzos!!! That was enough to kill a horse!!! Lol

    Yeah, I do not push SSRIs. I do though see that they very effectively treat anxiety and depression with patients who truly need it. Today only 3 days in I have stopped thinking the most horrible thoughts and woke up feeling calm. Not happy per say but calm.

    I also agree that not all people transfer addictions. I have alcohol about 4 times per year and I honestly do not think it would ever be a problem for me.
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