The detoxes and relapses of a major Heroin and Morphine addict - Part 96

By Mr Bumble · Dec 31, 2014 ·
  1. Re: Detox from massive IV morph/heroin 2.0, skip to post 169 for the latest detox

    Another 2 days clean since my last post.

    The send off party was amazing. So many people I didn't know but everyone there to celebrate one mans life. Was a lot of toast and stories and the only sad moment was when of his old school friends got up on the bar and called a toast. You could see he was holding back the tears but the cheer that went up after was something.
    Got but not forgoten

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    35 years old and been an addict for over 20 years now. Detoxing I can do but staying clean is a battle I keep losing. I'll keep on fighting though


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