The night of day 8 on my CT subutex jump

  1. Ive already posted a long winded journal for day 8 so i will try to keep this one short. Last night i felt great, even after thinking i over did it that day the good feelings came back to me. My wife is a very strong amazing woman so she handled everything yesterday evening and allowed me to lay in bed watching episode after episode of Longmire on Netflix (which is great btw!)

    The insomnia is frustrating to say the least. I havent been able to fall asleep until around 2-3am which was no problem during the weekend because i was able to sleep 5-6hrs until around 930-10am but when you fall asleep at 3am like i did last night and your alarm goes off at 530am thats enough to piss you off! I decided to reward myself today and take day 9 off since i never ever miss work and i made it 8 days of this tough journey with perfect attendance. My boss knows im coming off a prescribed medication and i warned him that i will be feeling bad for a while so he totally understood when i explained to him that i just needed some sleep!

    For those of you thinking of making this amazing leap subutex/suboxone is also used for pain management so use that when you give your boss the warning that way you dont have to reveal yourself.

    This morning day 9 it took me about 2 hrs to really get moving since i literally had just fallen asleep when my alarm went off but im feeling pretty good besides being exhausted. I will post another entry tonight describing how i felt as the day went on. Ive noticed i feel my best an hour after i wake up until around 2pm.

    Good day to all and i wish you all success!
    God Bless!

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