the slaughter of my demons and dragons - Part 7

By poppybreath · Jan 8, 2015 · ·
  1. Well, Mr.Bumble, that song is close to me and I interpret it in a couple of ways.
    All I did for 7 years was sell dreams and break hearts.

    poppybreath added 18 Minutes and 2 Seconds later...

    I'll do that one soon.

    So, holycrap. I've been having some 'sues lately. That's what I like to call issues around here. I hadn't been having tons of dizzy spells, but the last two days have just been riddled with them. A few were notable, though I can't say I'm not used to being dizzy so it wasn't exactly a super concerning matter.

    Another thing, chills, no bueno. Even with three layers of clothing on. I know it's 21 degrees outside, but damn money, can't I get a break up in here?

    I've started getting the shakes a bit more, but yesterday morning and the evening before that I was having some stupid shakes.

    Which reminds me. I have an uncle who has parkinsons; I will never forget when I was like 10 years old. We were on a 4 hour ride back into what I call, actual america, but that may just be rude of me. I don't really like the border of texas culture to be honest. My grandparents live out there and its just not my jig...though I stayed with them for a week or two every year until I got really into just me and social life.

    So anyway, my grandfather and his brother were taking me home. I was like 10 and dubbed my great-uncle-parkinson, one of their siblings with Parkinsons Disease, "The Salt-Shaker". I feel it was an innocent child sort of thing to say really. They laughed and laughed and I learned a bit about how to use,

    In my child hood, I would have never realized the extent that this disease might have caused my great-uncle and his family life at home. He smoked cigarettes constantly, and in many ways, I can't really blame him.

    I use crutches to get around in life....I *FINAALLY* decided to throw the old, broken, mildewed crutches out of the closet. It was big trash day in our neighborhood. I'm thinking, damn, this is the first time I've actually cleaned this shit out in the sunlight, sober, ever.



  1. Mr Bumble
    Yeah I just getting shakes again to. Although not chills so much, body seems to have adapted quite quick, which is lucky as it's cold here! I've been off benzos for a fair few days and at about this time at night I'm feeling twitchy and shaky.

    I've used benzo's a lot over the years but never abused, much? My friend thinks I'm suffering wd's from these now? I hope not.

    I like sues, gonna steal that one. It's funny those little things that should feel so normal like cleaning sober, that seem so out of place after years on the junk.

    As to the song closer, I do realise it has a far deeper meaning than the one i repurposed it for, but i think i got the message across ;)
  2. lostlygirl
    Excellent posts. S sorry I haven't been back sooner, my brother came into town unexpectedly.

    It sounds like you may have some pressure building up in your inner ear. Try tugging on the lobes a few times. This may help with the dizziness, although I do remember going through a few days of that when I was off of fentanyl, so maybe it's some kind of weird opiate withdrawal throw back reaction?

    I loved the song interpretation. I would love to read more. Good on ya, Bumble, for picking up girls with it! ;)
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