'The sporting journal' 22yo Male, first smoke age 7... - Part 1

  1. So I'll keep a journal as well as update my thread in the cannabis addiction section.

    Hi, my name is IJH and I am an addict..."Hi IJH" As the title says I'm 20s years old, male, and had my first smoke at the tender age of 7. Smoked at some periods as a child (before puberty), some at 12-15 too.

    I became a full blown addict by age 16/17. Have quit before but never lasted more than a few months.

    As I start this thread lets say I am 10 days off cannabis, tobacco, alcohol and diazepam.

    So day 10: I felt like shit as I didn't sleep for 5 hours having taken a prescription sleeping tablet last night, but eventually did at some point for a few hours only to be woken up because I had a dentist appointment. I took 2 about 2 hours ago. I think these tablets do not work on me. Zolpidem 10mg, only got 3 left now.

    How is everyone else coping with their WDs?

    IrishJellyHead added 106 Minutes and 4 Seconds later...

    Alright the alcohol has been broken, I have just had a quarter bottle of whisky and just opened a bottle of wine. This is what insomnia drives me to do. I have to get out as a volunteer tomorrow to hand out clothes, blankets, food and hot drinks to homeless people about our city center tomorrow. It's fucking cold here in Ireland at this time of year. So I have to get some form of sleep, alcohol induced or not.

    Evidently the tablets (20mg Zolpidem) have not worked, it's been over 3 hours and I've laid there eyes shut lights off etc trying to sleep to no avail. Not sure whether I'm just resistant to the drug or they are fakes or what...they're from a pharmacist, prescribed by one of my doctors. I'm going to arrange an appointment as soon as I can to get a different type of hypnotic. Pretty pissed off tbh. I hope there's a good reason it says "Do not drink alcohol" on the prescription print on the box of tablets.

    UPDATE: Lifted 6 beers from the 10 pack that was (I think) meant for visitors or the christmas period, I don't give a fuck. I'll drink the rest if I need to, to sleep. They're really cold though I think it's like -6 C atm.


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