'The sporting journal' 22yo Male, first smoke age 7... - Part 2

By IrishJellyHead · Jan 3, 2015 ·
  1. Been a while from I've been on DF. Recent update I suppose..

    Can't remember much before chistmas eve going on the drink (as in, for a long period of time) until now. Had a couple sleeps in between but they never stopped me from pursuing the feel good that is alcohol. Basically been drinking from christmas eve straight, maybe 6 hours sleep in between. Weed as well sometimes, most times. Some diazepam too. Still just wish I had my own secluded area to train and not be tempted by everything & everybody....just a pair of mitts, punchbag, some weights and a training area and i'll be set :) worst part is, i know i'm pretty capable of most aspect of work, just test me.


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