The struggle/journey of Crisp - Part 106

By CrispCold · Jan 4, 2015 · ·
  1. Idk if I'll start another thread or not. I've been thinking of quitting all year. (Planning anyway) I now only sniff H, it's brought my tolerance up to where Oxy doesn't do a thing for me. I switched to H because I was tired of drinking PST & scraping by on whatever opiates I could find. It wasn't a good decision obviously.

    I've been working thru the union since April, around the same time I started H. So I'm making great money now, yet barely saving anything.

    Knowing I can't cold turkey at this point, I went back to my old sub doctor a couple weeks ago to get on sub. However, I can't seem to transition onto the subs. It was so easy on Oxy, not so much with H.

    The gf & I are still together & she's wanting to move in together, get married, etc. She knows something is wrong & that I smoke weed, but not the extent of my drug use.

    I wanted to try a quick sub taper. I get 5 days off coming this Friday. I'd like to take the last of my H Thursday & start the subs Friday or probably Saturday. Then I'll have those days off to adjust & taper down.

    I work outside doing labor & it's freezing around Chicago this time of year, so any WD can be very uncomfortable.

    Anyway, I needed to check in, let ppl know I'm alive & still living the struggle. My girl is supportive so I'm planning on telling her the details of my addiction when she gets back from Cancun in a week.

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    Oh & thanks for coming back to check in gals, love ya!


  1. Booty love
    damn crisp!! i'm sorry to hear you have moved up the drug food chain! i hope you can do a quick taper off the heroin enough to get you mentally down with going on the subs. i wish you the best buddy and i can tell you from personal experience...a good job with great pay doesn't mix well with a drug habit such as heroin. it can easily become more important that the job, even tho the job keeps it flowing nicely. i wish you luck.

    i moved to Denver last year, its an awesome place to live and has the kind of culture i am proud to raise my kids up in. Top notch weed is now a daily part of my life. i have quit everything else, even tobacco, today is 30 days without a dip. i'm glad you updated my friend, i hope to hear from you again soon, with good news about the taper
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