Thebear's Journey, quitting for a better life. - Part 2

By thebear · Dec 14, 2014 · ·
  1. As I'm on my phone I'll keep this short as I'm on my phone.

    Tonight I went to a party and I drank as it was one of my friends graduation parties. I was offered 10 mg of Percocet. And I used. I feel terrible. But I'm sure the subs blocked it out but that's not the point. I feel like shit and i need some supporters and advice.

    JD, my family and girlfriend don't know and can't know. It's hard to explain but I just can't tell them. I have a great relationship with them and I want to do this secretly just as I started secretly. I'll post again soon.


  1. Mr Bumble
    Dude never underestermate a opiate habit, I've detox of a tiny ten bag a day habit and a massive multi gram habit cold turkey and both sucked balls and hurt like hell.

    If your serious about quiting there are lots of options. some people find staying on subutex or methadon long term helps them live a normal life. Some like to use just to do a slow taper with very little withdrawles because of the slow reduction.

    Or if your like me you'l stock up on confort meds and just go head on cold turkey.

    But dude, remember this, however painful detox is the hardest bit is staying clean, and you can NEVER use again.

    I get sick of all the posts on here from guys saying "i used to have a habit but i want to use, will I be ok ifI just use at weekend" The answer is NO. This comes from a 20 year veteren who has tried it all.

    You are young, don't waste all the years I have. I mid detox and very emotional and it's bringing tears to my eyes thinking of all the wasted years, wasted money, missed familly and friends events.

    Make a plan, one thats right for you. Stay focused, always keep your eye on the prize, the prize is life my friend, opiate addiction is no kind of life

  2. ak2Ut
    Shit I remember when i was 22, that first hydro withdrawal was scary but not killer, you got it man just find a safer outlet and you will be all good. A couple weeks of having the shits and feeling off isn't that bad. Throw the subs no one has the time for that.
  3. Jungledog

    Look using EVER to get high is not an option anymore. Hell I am still debating if I will ever be able to use them for the chronic pain I live with.

    A few thoughts, everyone above has given excellent advise. You need to separate yourself from the scene. Don't go where drugs will be.

    You need to realize addiction is a cunning bitch. Trying to handle her on your own with no support will be beyond difficult. Your addiction started in secret for just that reason. If they had known in the beginning would you have continued???

    Jump off and be done with it. You are not that far in. Everyone will think you have the flu. It is 1 week of your life and you are young and will bounce back quickly. Then occupy yourself with a new hobby! Boredom will be your enemy love.

    Think on these things hard my friend. We are here to support you but your choices and actions are yours. You can do this,
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