Thebear's Journey, quitting for a better life. - Part 3

By thebear · Dec 14, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks for the replies and the kind words.

    Today has been okay. I'm a little hungover, No signs of withdrawal. I'm not sure what the deal is. Maybe I did a good taper. I'm not sure though. I'll have to go a few days without any kind opiates. Today, will be a good day. I have a day off. I spent the day with my girlfriend and our dog.

    No my family can NOT know and neither can she. I know that it's kind of a double life, but they arent as understanding as you would think. My girlfriend would be understanding I know she would, but I can't bare to have her look at me differently than she does know. If it comes down to it, I will tell her. If I'm still struggling by the time we move in together I will tell her.

    I'm about to play some good ole' World of Warcraft. Drink some coffee. I'll be lingering around the forum today if anyone has any questions or something to say towards my case, ill be here!

    JD, the plan is to not take again and "Jump Off", but with my job I couldnt have the no sleep or or upset stomache, or really any withdrawals for that matter. I'm a server at a very high volume restaurant. I'm making good progress, as I haven't purchased any in over a week. I just took the ones given to me. Mind over matter, i've got to control myself.


  1. Jungledog
    You will have to wait and see. No withdrawal isn't realistic and you probably have suboxone still in your system. Stay away from your sources and do your best. Worst case is a sick day or two. I found work made it easier. I just pushed myself through it. It sucked but I did it.
  2. thebear
    true, but energy levels have been up. Sex has been really helping alot lately. In more way than just one ;)

    My dog also keep me from being really irritable, he can tell when I'm upset and he comes and put his head in my lap and I can't help but to feel better. I wish everyone else going through this could have a bestfriend (dog) that loves you as much as you love him.
  3. lostlygirl

    Welcome friend! You have a few things going for you, firstly, you are young and your body is going to recover and bounce back quite a bit faster than us 'oldies' that have been abusing our body's longer or are just plain older. Never underestimate the power of youth and use it to your advantage.

    If I was 22, I would just exercise the shit out of withdrawals. Run, walk, lift weights and replace a bad habit with a good one. Exercise will increase all kind of endorphins and kick start your body into producing them a hellava lot faster than anything out there. Drink a shit load of water, and add a lot of sex (even more, lol) into the mix. At your age, if you keep this up there's a good possibility of avoiding PAWS altogether. A great thread to read is smiths, she was withdrawing from oxy's and used exercise as a way to combat some of the withdrawals quite successfully.

    Most of the battle for you will be mental. Just walk away from this. Shit, what I would give to be 22 and not go down this road. Mr Bumbles is right, don't ever underestimate the power of opiates. It's a formidable opponent and it will not play by the rules. Get off and then whatever you do, stay away. You have a great future ahead and drugs will snatch it away from you, one pill at a time.

    Keep posting, you are doing well. Slip up's are a part of the deal, and being honest about it is one of the hardest parts of this journey. We all want the perfect detox, but it doesn't exist. Try to avoid slip up's. But if and when they happen don't give up, just pick yourself up and keep going. :) Remember, it's the direction you are heading, not how quickly you get there.
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