There are member who could really benefit from this section of DF - Part 1

By Mr Bumble · Oct 2, 2015 · ·
  1. I've noticed many posts in the opiate sections(not this one) who seem serious or desperate to quit.

    Many have probably never considered using the journal section. Documenting your struggle can be therapeutic plus the support from other members here can be a massive boost to moral.

    When I last documented my last detox this forum was a busy and lively place with post after post. I feel it's lost something it had before and I believe we need to search out other sections of the forum for people who could really benefit from keeping a journal.

    A simple message like this is all thats needs
    If you serious about quitting why not start a journal in the Opiate R&A Journals section.
    It can be helpful to document your detox and you'll find good support

    Also I've noticed a lack of the use of the reputation system in this secyion

    My apologies to Kitts and Smeg if I'm out of line posting this, please feel free to delete and hand out any infraction if I’ve stepped beyond my boundaries


  1. StrugglingCouple
    I agree 100%. I'm new to the forums but I can say just by documenting my days and experience, and physically seeing the time I've gone since my last dose is a huge confidence boost. I don't know the rules or opinion on reaching out to members, but keeping a journal is absolutely a big help.
  2. Jungledog
    Re: Detox from massive IV morph/heroin 1.0 page 7 for 2.0, page 13 for 3.0

    Hope you keep the contract. Ease up on the medication and let that body heal. It has been through a lot. Praying for you.
  3. Jungledog
    Think we are just in a lull. It has been much quieter the past few months. Think many full time members simply healed and moved on. For many, hanging out here reminds them of drug use. For some of us, it is therapy. :)
  4. Once.up.on.a.time
    Your right Mr it is about helping people and I for one don't feel like I've helped too many people of late.

    I think the reputation system has gone way way beyond what it's intended for. It's like grammar and text talk. Whilst I don't understand it either. Some members are not as educated as others and the more we punish them with negative reputation, the more it could reinforce their sense of worthlessness and they feel they have done their best to reach out and been shunned.

    Jungledog my lady you are an inspiration. With moving your life to where it is. The work you do. And still coming to help others. It's to be applauded.

    And Smeg who has no agenda but to help also waiting for the fall. Kitts, who also suffers herself but takes more time to help others.

    There I'm sure are many more. Roaddog im sad he is no longer posting. He was a real inspiration.
    And you MR Bumble, glad to see you back :)

    But those people who's journals I mentioned. Will leave a legacy for others to follow.

    I think we need a group for this discussion type. Can anyone set it up?? I'm not that good sorry or I would.

    Lostly girl, Jels, Marathon Mel. try hard who is back now.
    I want to know how you all are.

    Our stories never end I just hope people move on but not so much they forget how they were helped here.

    By total strangers. Who become friends.

    Just my opinion. Your all pretty amazing and I hope you have an amazing day like you all worked so hard for.

    Much Love

    Fairy Princess xxxx

    Once.up.on.a.time added 3 Minutes and 16 Seconds later...

    You DO NOT look like you Avatar your too pretty :) xxx
  5. TheBigBadWolf
    I think that as soon as Alfa has imported the group functionality we can have such a group for recovering opiatists.
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