1. I feel the highest self-esteem and self-respect I felt in a long time. It comes down to the fact, that I quit coffee in addition to weed and alcohol too, and I’ve got over the worst (first day, yesterday). I went from 7+ coffees a day, to Zero. :) That cut down sugar too. I feel much more in tune with my value of self-respect. I feel much lower intensity of my anxiety, if any. I’m less tense. And I have more time — to SLEEP! :) To actually rejuvenate.

    When it comes to weed there wasn’t day without thinking about it, but thoughts are different. Yesterday I was thinking about how "fun" would that be to just "enjoy" it. Then I came back to the memories of total helplessness that I experienced EACH time immediately after first hit (because I knew that it won’t be the last, but it begins another spree).

    I’m delivering better value to my clients too. I’m sick right now, on meds from doctor, dizzy from cutting coffee of, and I still do better work then at my best in days when I’m just smoking whole afternoon or evening or even from morning. It’s well, well worth it. It’a the key for good life for me to stay away from drugs. I can get hooked on almost anything. So, why not use that trait as an opportunity to get hooked on healthy food, quality sleep, physical exercise, meditations, helping others, working, supporting… :)
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  1. fotia
    That's good to hear that you're working better despite these changes. It's as if your body and mind is ready to move forward. At least for now it is. If you do hit a hiccup or shitty feeling do let us know. But from my sense of it you sound like you know what you're doing and what's coming: Freedom at last.

    Btw, it's good that you dropped Coffee too. This is an important thing that people don't think about removing from their diet. I'll be honest with you, I love the taste of coffee and the way it's beaniness saturates my system in such a lovely way, but I have learned on more than one occasion that even coffee detriments my clarity, because it gives me anxiety, and when I'm using it I don't necessarily .realize it or I downplay it. I mean, over days of use it seems to really hamper sleep even if you drink it early or keep it to a minimum.

    It's good to boot alcohol as well because that's literally the first thing I want to turn to when trying to stop using other psychoactive substances. Sometimes I think even occasional use is bad at this age. Every time I drank in the past 8 months or less, I've eaten during, before, or after that time and my stomach turns into a bloating disaster. After that happened like 4 times I had to consciously decide never to eat and drink at the same time. I never used to get it but now my stomach will bloat up like a balloon and it feels like it's gonna explode and it will go like that for hours. That's really bad when you're trying to dance and enjoy music.
  2. fotia
    Oh and I really liked this: "Then I came back to the memories of total helplessness that I experienced EACH time immediately after first hit". it's funny how before you pick it up, you always tend to forget what happens next. Good thing you stayed on top of that.
  3. W.u.n.j.o
    Exactly man! That anxiety from coffee that then starts to run the show is dangerous. With alcohol, I see the same tendency, but with drugs in general. I quit one and I directly jump into another, it's the vicious cycle. I have stomach aches too, with drinking without food my friend, think about the damage you can do to yourself too, though. My uncle died recently because he was drinking like this for years and hurt his system badly. (No moralizing or judging, just bringing more awareness for you as you do for me!) Thank you, Fotia! :)
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