This is going really well (but I don’t want to count my chickens)

By haloperidol · Dec 6, 2018 · Updated Dec 6, 2018 · ·
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    The higher dose of buprenorphine is a big success. It took a few days, maybe a full week, but I have no opioid cravings or really any cravings at all. This was the right choice, and to think I was prepared to talk my NP (nurse practitioner) into going back to the smaller dose. The request for prior authorization was received by the clinic and submitted to my insurance company; the clinic called to say I should hear something by Friday. I just hope it goes through. If it doesn’t though I’m sure we’ll figure something out. I refuse to lose hope or to give up. Oh, and I got the privilege to see my NP once every 4 weeks instead of 2. That’s great since it’s about a 1 hour 15 minute drive to the clinic.
    I’m back working with my NA sponsor, although we haven’t started any step work yet, we just talk by phone every day so that I can check in about how I’m doing. I go to as many meetings per week as I can, but with school and work that comes to about 3. Also see the therapist once a week.

    So in the land of addiction all appears well. But I’m really struggling with my mental illness.

    The increased quetiapine (800 -> 1600 mg) is too much to handle without napping all day, and that’s not conducive to having a life — no, cannot function on 1600 mg of quetiapine — so I’ve just been taking as needed haloperidol for the voices. It works like nothing else and it lasts longer than the quetiapine..... I just have to be wary of side effects. I already have tardive dyskenesia, which honestly I don’t mind too much, I just hope to not get pseudoparkinsonism again, (pseudoparkinsonism is like having Parkinson’s disease in that you have trouble coordinating your movements only it’s not actual Parkinson’s disease it’s just caused by a drug) that was horrible when I had it in February. But I’m at a much lower dose now than I was then. Watch and wait.
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  1. haloperidol
    Turns out the clinic submitted the wrong form for the zubsolv PA so the correct one only got submitted today.... it takes 5 business days and I’ll be out of my current amount of medicine by Sunday.... in other words, I have to pay cash for a month of zubsolv — not cheap! — and then good to get reimbursed if/when the PA goes through.
    Even if the whole thing goes to hell I’ll figure something out. I am not giving up.
  2. jazzyj9
    Have you tried other less sedating antipsychotics? Isn't there Latuda? I've read that one is lighter than the others.
    1. haloperidol
      Oh yes, I’ve tried most antipsychotics. Right now we have eliminated the quetiapine and it’s just cariprazine (Vraylar) and haloperidol. Haloperidol has done me some rough stuff but it’s a godsend when it comes to the horrors is psychosis.
  3. haloperidol
    Oh and as an update — the insurance company paid for the zubsolv at the last minute and I was able to pick it up from the pharmacy. I am so lucky, I must never be ungrateful.
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