This seriously needs to end today is zero day.. - Part 3

By skateandpaint · Aug 15, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks man, ,means alot.

    I sat with my family for dinner for only a short amount of time cuz i started to feel rly sick,

    I started to get terrible stomach pains and congestion and getting the cold sweats. At this point i decided to induce some suboxone (about 2.5 mg) about an hour ago and im feeling pretty good. I got some weed to lift my mood and hopefully help my stomach. Im thinking after i can kick the diesel, weed should be a cakewalk so if i use it now i think it will be ok. My cravings got very bad at dinner all i was thinking about was taking that 20 bucks i had left and getting two bags. But instead, to prevent that i took sub and got some bud.

    skateandpaint added 300 Minutes and 19 Seconds later...

    i cant take this guilt man...all i can do is feel like shit. If i tell what happened everyone in my family will find out and i just cant have that. I just feel like such a piece of shit. On a side note its almost 24hrs and just some gas pains and stomach cramps. The sub works wonders i almost feel quilty its this easy and didnt do this sooner instead of going down the lieng fucking shithole of decisions i made


  1. flowertongue666
    I'd stay away from the guilt at this point. If you really feel bad after this is over, then make some money and pay back your mom. Or, once you finish kicking, be honest with her about what you're doing. And change. That'll make her more happy than jewelry.

    Simply feeling guilt, without changing your actions or going all the way to try and make things right, can be just an excuse to use again.

    Good job on 24 hours!
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