Today is day 1 of detox from oxycodone - Part 3

By House32 · Aug 24, 2014 · ·
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    My friend thanks you for your support. This is a hard battle, and even harder without the support. My friends wife tries to be as supportive as she can, but she doesn't understand the mind of an addict. If you wouldn't mind, could you elaborate more on this Kratom? Where does one purchase this? What does it do? What doses do you take? I read briefly it's a leaf you chew on from Asia. Does it produce any euphoria? And could it be combined with his clonazepam?

    Thanks again for your support. It truly means the world.


  1. purplemolly
    Re: Today is day 1 of detox from oxy

    I periodically ran out of my prescribed oxycodone prior to the scheduled refill time. I've ordered kratom online and taken 8 to 10 capsules twice per day. The kratom almost immediately relieved every one of, my withdrawal symptoms. From diarrhea, nasea, sneezing to the feelings of depression, boredom and lethargy. Kratom can be taken in capsule form - I believe about half a gram per capsule or the powdered\leafy form of it can be mixed with tea or juice, or just 'thrown' into the back of the throat.

    If you have more questions, feel free to ask here or message me directly.
    Good luck.
  2. Loveluck29
    Re: Today is day 1 of detox from oxy

    Kratom is all natural and it affects the mu receptor, the same receptor that opiates stimulate however it is not an opiate. Some people use it recreationally, and others (including myself) have found it useful to come off of opiates or decrease usage. I have heard it does create euphoria, however more so in opiate naive users. When one has a tolerance to stronger opiates, it helps more with keeping the withdrawal symptoms away or reducing them. Kratom can become addictive as well, however even with prolonged usage the withdrawal wouldn't be near as bad as stronger opiates. I am in canada as well and it is legal here. I buy mine online from a reputable vendor (sorry I can't tell you who, it is against the forum rules), however with a little bit of research I'm sure you could find a good one.

    It comes in different forms, leaf, resin, powder... I personally use the powder. A good starter dose it around 5 grams I believe. For withdrawal red stains are better as they are more calming, green stains are more stimulating. I used green at first during withdrawal and I found it contributed to my anxiety.

    There is tons of information on the kratom sub form on this site. If you are interested you should check it out. I am by no means an expect on the subject. There is tons of information in there :)
  3. House32
    Re: Today is day 1 of detox from oxy

    Thanks again for the information. I found a local head shop that carries it. They have different forms. I'm going to get about 30 grams to try of the red vein in capsule form. How long after taking oxy sshould my friend be able to try the 5 grams you mentioned?
  4. Loveluck29
    Re: Today is day 1 of detox from oxy

    Personally I take a dose throughout the day before my next oxy dose as a boost now. If you are in withdrawal I would take it immediately. Also, you may feel that 5 grams isn't fully keeping withdrawals away and want to take more which is fine.

    I have never bought from a head shop, however other users have noted that it is generally of lower quality and more expensive than through an online source. That said you may have to take more. There are some good threads on here that tell you what to look for in a source and things to avoid when buying kratom as they could be indication of lower quality. It may be helpful if you find it helps and decide to get larger quantities.

    Let us know how it works for you :)
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