Too Young For This Shit, My struggle with heroin. - Part 3

By dehollister · Oct 8, 2014 · ·
  1. Yeah I went gold turkey because before I quit I had only just polished off about a half gram. I detoxed for around 5 days, mildly.

    I've been doing really good on being positive and occupying myself, but the paws has gotten to me yesterday and today unfortunatly. Feeling very un-motivated, tired, I also have a mild cold. I tried taking some LSD in a supportive environment a few days ago and haven't had a craving since!!! It also motivated me to start on some artistic projects i've been putting off. Any remedies for you guys just for the grogginess and mild depression??

    Completely off-topic, have you guys ever shot heroin while high on a 3 or 4 tabs of acid??
    Here's a heads up, I did it a year ago and the rush from the heroin felt so black and disgusting like I had just injected a seringe full of dirt into my veins. was weird shit.. haha


  1. Brooklyn11
    I know when I first got clean 6 months ago it was basically me enduring life for the first 2 months... maybe 3.. now I think ive gone long enough without having that its difficult to make the comparison or maybe just my neurochemical levels have normalized. Anyway I found that having a lot of goals overwhelmed me in the begining... sure there was a lot I wanted to do but I couldn't possibly do it all even any of it while i was still in treatment... so I made a list... circled a few I could work out and then left the list. It made me less overwhelmed with life... and that was my biggest trigger... wanting to "escape".
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