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  1. I had a promising start doing a suboxone detox at home. Left over stress had me use yesterday, but that's just an excuse I know.
    Christmas is coming up, I can't waste money & need to be clean for my children.
    Now in unsure, do I take suboxone for another few days.
    People here believed in me, even after I lapses the last time. I feel bad for that.
    I have so much to lose if I keep doing this, I need to get my strength back


  1. Lo24
    You're both absolutely right, other job opportunities will present themselves in future when the time is right, when the circumstances are better etc. Making changes around your work is probably the simplest thing to alter, will allow you more time and create less pressure on you. Plus it can always be recommenced at some point. Think of it more like gaining a life, and some quality of life, rather than losing a job. You gotta do what's right for you.
    With regards to your mum, can't the hospital provide some support or point you in the direction even if the scan doesn't give that particular diagnosis? Xxx
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  2. LAC
    Im not sure what the hospital will do if it's a different condition. It's pretty certain that it is I think as she has every symptom.
    My Mum has a new cpn who is really helpful so im sure she will help me find support xxx
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