University is not quite what I thought it was going to be... And is sort of exactly what I expected.

By kumar420 · Apr 10, 2019 · ·
  1. Hey all, I know its been a while. I hope you have all been well!
    As per my last journal post, I am currently at university studying a bachelor of science, with a plan to focus on marine science in particular (not many marine biology degrees around these parts).

    Overall, I've been very disappointed.
    Classes have to be the lousiest part of uni. I don't mind assignments and tests and most of the material (stats is always a tedious course, and basic chem hasn't been much better), but being a 26 year old in classes mostly populated by 18-20 year old first years has been a struggle.
    It seems that the majority are entitled little shits that I do not have anything in common with. I can count the older, more experienced students in all of my classes with both hands.
    I had a good laugh when 15 people were kicked out of the uni residence the day after australia day (ONE WEEK INTO EVERYONE'S LEASE) for getting shithoused and starting fights and then proceeded to have a go at the police when they arrived, but my patience is wearing very thin.

    The biggest let down by far has been the very small Coastal and Marine Ecology class. The other 17 students in the class are mostly vegan hippies, which is fine. Live and let live has been my motto for a long time. Unfortunately, they don't seem to see it that way.
    They seem to think that being a vegan hippie entitles you to treat everybody else like shit. You wouldn't believe the fucking reaction I got when I made the mistake of casually mentioning the fact that I eat meat. Not to mention the death stares when I rolled myself a cigarette at the end of class and put it behind my ear for later. The sheer amount of moral superiority frankly does my fucking head in.

    And that's not counting when a 3rd wave 'feminist' derailed the subject matter of an entire class by somehow relating the #metoo movement to bad environmental policy. I'm still not entirely sure how that happened.

    I've made a grand total of 2 friends in the 3 months I've been here, and both are my room mates. The guy I buy weed off doesn't count.

    Sometimes I can't even go to class unmolested, because there is some shrill idiot getting signatures for some cause or the other by literally haranguing people in the courtyard, and then sometimes even proceeding to try and shame them in front of hundreds of others because this individual had the bad luck to espouse a different viewpoint. The worst part by far has to be the fact that reactionary social 'justice' is a majority viewpoint on campus.

    Most days I don't even have the energy to get angry, I just get sad and frustrated.

    I know I'm here to pass my classes, get my degree, and get the fuck out. I just don't understand why it has to be this difficult in a motherfucking 'learning' environment.

    I've started doing some light philosophy reading, and unfortunately the school of nihilism is the one that appeals to me the most. Which is not a good viewpoint for somebody who has (and is) struggled with depression, anxiety and more than a few suicidal thoughts. I'm more than happy to debate the semantics of philosophy in a different thread, just not this one.

    I guess if there's a question to be asked, it is as follows:


    P.S. my drinking is at an all time low (can't really afford to drink/don't have the time) but I'm starting to feel like getting back on the sauce isn't such a bad idea.
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  1. BirdJungle
    On the bright side, at least you like your roommates! That’s probably more important than getting along with your classmates. It’s just a few more years of school and it’ll be over before you know it. I’m sure you won’t regret your years of college if you hang in there and graduate. And while the people around you may seem juvenile, you’re still pretty young yourself. Better to stick with it and learn with a clear and sober mind, than to cloud your brain with negativity and alcohol. If it’s hard now, imagine how much more difficult school will be in your 30s or 40s.
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  2. kumar420
    I don't really bother with small talk in class, because it seems there isn't really anyone who discusses small talk anymore. Its always politics or did you see that in the news. Can't really even discuss the subject the class is teaching with a lot of them.

    Thank god my roommate is a chem PhD candidate, we have some interesting discussions about cooking and chemistry as well as certain kinds of drug chemistry (his line of work is extracting compounds from natural organisms like plants and algae). My other roommate is a gaming nerd like I am who also knows a lot about tech and networking, as well as formerly having studied paramedicine.

    Not to mention I do a lot of study for marine and coastal eco on my own, keeps me occupied. Just finished the 3 part David Attenborough documentary on the Great Barrier Reef. Very well done, worth a watch if anybody hasn't seen it. You can watch it all on youtube.
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  3. angelraysmehigher
    Oh you just described my experience with uni exactly!

    I was a bit older when I first started also, I was studying a biomedical science degree and I could not cope with the students fresh out of high school and their entitled, disruptive and loud behaviours. I've never been into the loud party scene either and I struggled to connect with them when we shared nothing in common. Drinking most nights and getting shit faced every weekend to then struggle though classes all week did not interest me at all.

    I grew up fortunate to spend a lot of time on our farm, so that kind of lifestyle wasn't a problem but relocating several hours away into the country for uni didn't help at the time either and I missed the normality I was used to in life.

    I gave it up after my first year and as much as I hated it, a part of me wishes I'd just stuck it out... If I had, I could be saving lives right now in a really rewarding career but I instead made wrong choice after another and am now at rock bottom struggling with my addiction and lack of independence.

    I empathise how challenging university can be in those circumstances but if there's anything that can come from my experience then I encourage you to stick it out and the rewards will benefit in a few more years.

    Goodluck with your studies, I think it's awesome you're doing marine science! The ocean has always been my saving grace and second home. I would go every day nearly until I became too unwell to get out the house much and enjoy its natural wonders.
    You've my sincerest wishes and best of luck!
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  4. jazzyj9
    Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs and I encourage you to be yourself and keep an open mind. When I went to school, we had to be tolerant of diverging opinions and beliefs. We did not have "safe spaces" and "trigger warnings". But this was 20 years ago, and people seem so easily offended and closed-minded these days. I would encourage you to keep your eyes on the prize, your bottom line, whatever your goal is I mean.

    For me finishing my education, 2 degrees later and now working in the medical fields has given me significant financial freedom and a sense of purpose in my work that would not be possible without the completion of my education and doing well in my classes.
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  5. Alfa
    The science field that you have chosen just attracts a lot of SJW and people who want to change the world. Its quite different for beta sciences. Maybe its possible to specialize into a more beta like part of marine biology. Or once you have your first year, move to another field. Maybe talk to your study advisor about the options.

    After the first year you will likely find that the more disruptive students are gone and the tone & feeling will be more serious. At least that's how it is here in the Netherlands.
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