1. Greetings, dear Journal, dear journal readers. I hope that you had a nice weekend. I tried to log on lastnight but it was a busy Saturday night here and the server must have been tired lol..So I gave up, knowing that it would be better to try on a less busy, Sunday night.
    So an update. I have decreased my codeine dosage to one, 40mg dose daily. I have some kratom powder which has been a great help. It pretty much is able to mask the worst of my withdrawal symptoms. But I still am feeling fatigued, wanting to sleep a lot, plus some lower back pain. But the kratom has been able to see me through the bad thoughts and depression that is a part of it.
    It has been a long, dark winter, and we just got more snow. I find that I get a bit down about that. But Saturday and Sunday were bright and sunny and I can feel the pulse of spring around me. Today I went outside and gave my favorite crow family some roasted peanuts in the shell. They cannot resist them and always come in to grab them up and take them away. I get a kick out of watching them try to take 3 or four double shell peanuts in their beaks at one time, and then fly away with them... they are greedy. I put a rather large pile of peanuts out this time, and I could tell they were getting a bit tired. But they would not stop until the whole pile was gone. Some of them must have made about ten trips altogether, a difficult feat after a sleepy, inactive winter. They must love them because they smell good, and are full of protein. Unlike bread scraps, etc. they especially covet peanuts.

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  1. torn2bits
    Congrates on reducing again.
    I hope each step is easy and mostly painless.
    Keep the crows fed, their job on the planet is unreplaceable and awesome to see and recognize~ToRn
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  2. Reasonable
    I enjoyed this entry. When I first saw the title, I was expecting it to be a story of having to "eat crow" in the figurative sense. It was a pleasant surprise to see it is a true story about actual crows. Your descriptive details of the scene around you really helped me to connect with your story and make it come to life. Those crows seemed to have no shame about their lack of impulse control, gobbling up as many peanuts as they could fit into their beaks. Nor should they. Good for them! :smiling:

    Congrats to you on lowering to the single dose! Keep it up!
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