Utopia...the place of healing - Part 26

By opiatebattler · Oct 31, 2014 · ·
  1. Thank you Cmenot...i do thank my sister. I am very grateful to her for everything.

    But fuck it hurts. I hate it. It's so confronting living here alone. I feel like a bad parent. I feel guilty for all the wrong ive done.

    I feel the decline starting. Anxiety. Depression. Lack of motivation.

    So I went to the Dr. I'm back on anti depressants...that's fine. I see the psychologist next week...i think talking will help.
    I need to get more comfortable with myself...i think that's the main problem...Self loathing is creeping in.

    I'm going away for the weekend to spend time with good company. I will distract myself and enjoy my time with friends.

    I've got to push through and start to enjoy my own company...it's not fucking easy


  1. Cmenot
    I hope the antidepressant helps you and that you have a great weekend with friends! I think talking will help you too! Keep your chin up-you really have made a lot of progress!
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