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  1. How do you fill the void?

    I am trying to stay clean, but I feel like that there is like some kind of void. And I do not know what to put in the place where drugs have been (are?) In my life.How to replace them.Nature does not like the void, you know.And I am affraid to replace one bad habit with another.

    I just do not know how to be happy and comfortable in myown life, like other people do. FB_IMG_1490023697975.jpg

    About Author

    A fully functioning (have a job and gaining second higher education as A+ student) IV addict from Eastern Europe trying to keep her life togeather and fighting herown demons.Trying make the best out of her life as far as it is possible keeping in mind the fact of her drug abuse.And not to die before time.

    Familiar with drugs for more than 12 years.


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  1. LittleBabyNothing
  2. Hopeless78
    That void will be there until your brain levels out, unfortunately - I am going through the same thing myself, three weeks clean off opioids today. I know how it feels, no matter what you do, that 'void' won't go away. It won't be like that forever though - our brains just need time. An addiction didn't happen overnight, recovery won't happen overnight either. Be strong, xo.