1. Hello drug-forum!
    Because I have not got any Zopiclone yet I´m not doing any taper right now. I have a bad insomnia, that´s why I started with phenibut 2-3 years ago.. and now I´m as addicted to this shit as it´s possible!

    and Lol! I just got a advertising for phenibut on the mail today, for "you that had a tough new ears eve". (Guess they meant if I had a hangover)
    I´m tempted to answer "No i was Wd:ing on phenibut"!

    And a update on my WD. I still freezing as hell and my anxiety lever spike some days! Sometimes I I think I´m destroyed for life. On new years eve I had two glasses of whine and got WD-free for a couple of hours.. I got warm for the first time in a month!
    So the phenibut WD seems to be the same as on alcohol.

    I will get Zopiclone in 6 days, counting the hours, and then I will start my taper again.


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  1. Rinem
    Hi, I got taken in by phenibut and addicted too. At my highest I was taking 5 grams a day. My doctor gave me baclofen to help me get off of it, but it just got me addicted to both. I’m taking a break now to deal with some other addiction issues, but after that will work on kicking the last 250 mg of phenibut and 5 mg of Baclofen.
    Glad to see you’re getting off it. Best of luck to you, you can do it!
    (I haven’t heard of Zoplicone. Is that new or am I just out of it?)
  2. Miss B Haven
    Hey just want to say I read your whole journal today and wow! It has been one hell of a ride for you!
    I admire that even though you had had many relapses you haven’t quit the quitting.
    I am a recovered GHB addict I was taking 50ml every day for 3 years along with methamphetamine.
    Withdrawal was pure hell.
    I went to rehab 8 times before I finally kicked it. Has been 4 years now
    I was lucky to find a private rehab who had never dealt with GHB addiction before but they were willing to give me a chance. They had medical staff to monitor me.
    For the first 2 weeks they had to hire extra staff to babysit me and check that I was still breathing hourly throughout the night.

    What I used for my withdrawal:
    Doc prescribed Valium 5mg - the rehab only let me have it 3 times a day and tapered me off in 2 weeks.
    Doc prescribed baclofen 10mg - rehab gave to me twice daily and also tapered off in 2 weeks.
    I smuggled in my laptop heaps of Xanax 2mg bars and extra baclofen and Valium.

    I went cold turkey off my 50ml a Day habit (which is a massive amount)
    I kept myself unconscious for the first week and a half on Xanax mostly along with the other perscriptions.
    I was told that I was doing things like going to therapy and dinners but I don’t remember that at all. I swear that I just stayed in my bed.
    I do remember waking up and thinking that I was in a cult because of the yoga classes I could hear that made everyone chant in Sanskrit afterwards

    Anyways I felt like I was on a boat for about 3 weeks but it got a little less intense each day over that time.

    I had tried to quit CT by myself before but also had seizures. I truly believe the baclofen and benzos stopped that from happening when I was in rehab.

    They gave me Chinese herbs, kava to help my anxiety after the 2 weeks of meds, massages, reiki, kinesiology, acupuncture, and we did exercise, yoga and qi gong. If it’s possible I recommend these therapies but they are not essential. They just make the process a little easier.

    I was also like you - quit nearly every drug easily but this was my downfall. I actually read your journal as I was considering Phenibut as an alternative that may not be as harmful as the GHB was to me but after reading this today I have decided to stay farrrr farrrr away. I know I will get hooked like you as I love the same properties of a drug that you describe.

    Anyways I know rehab is not an option for you at the moment but I just wanted to let you know how I did it and maybe if you get down to 0.5 again it might be worth it to jump and try baclofen to keep you going for that 2-3 weeks. It’s so easy to get from a doctor if you explain your situation and it’s given to alcoholics for withdrawal all the time.

    I did not realise that it could be addictive though until I read the above comment. As I had no desire to keep taking it after my withdrawal. So maybe be careful with that one too.

    I’m going to follow your journal. And I’m also going to start one soon as I’m now addicted to low dose codeine after having dental work done

    I look forward to following your journey and hope that like me you will get there in the end.

    Fall down 7 times, stand up 8.
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  3. midihooker
    Wow thanks fro reading my whole Journal! Yeah from what I learned Phenibut, when dose like I did is just a 24 hours version of GHB! I even got the same effect from them two.. and I was never that kind of 1,5 gram to get a easy day kind of user. I did 5-6 gram the first time and then not a break for two years.

    Only kept up-ing the dose. So yes I´m really fucked!! I will get Lithium now as this seems to be the only way to really up-regulate my fried dopamine receptors. Other that it´s just time..

    nonono! you with a x GHB addiction should never ever touch Phenibut! Like me, also love GHB, you would very soon do crazy doses and be fucked for longer then a GHB WD! Those are over in a couple of weeks!
    Sometimes it feels like this shit will never ends. But I start see it as a lifestyle and the new me- Withdrawing from a fucking drug that was made for Astronauts HA!

    Have nice one Miss B.
  4. Miss B Haven
    So true. I have about 5 grams of Phenibut sitting in my bedroom drawer right next to me. They have been there for about a year as the first time I tried it I only had 0.5 and thought it was crap and everyone on the internet lied to me haha.
    After reading your journal I know it’s not true and I know how dangerous it is.

    And like yourself I never did things by halves either. I started GHB when I couldn’t get any benzos and I was in withdrawal. From that day I was dosing hourly for 3 years. I’m guessing you have an addictive personality like me too.
    So Phenibut has a much longer half life then? Compared to GHB I mean.
    That makes a lot more sense as to how you are on single daily dose tapers. When I tried to taper GHB I struggled to stretch it out to 3 hours without feeling a seizure coming on.
  5. Miss B Haven
    And I know it seems like this withdrawal will never end but you have come soooo close so many times to getting down to zero. I know you have the strength in you.
    Just think of each relapse as a learning curve that helps you to know your triggers and avoid them in the future xx
  6. midihooker
    half life on Phenibut is 24 hours..
    Only one I was down to almost zero.. but I was almost went crazy.. I had lost 20 kg.s in muscle during three months.. dident even now who I was anymore.. This times I will go more gentle. So it might be sustainable!

    Thanks for your support Miss B :)
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