What to expect in tapering off alcohol dependance? Help, anyone? - Part 1

By Oephaelia · Mar 31, 2015 · ·
  1. I am tapering off alcohol. Or at least that is my plan. I know I am dependent, and am having moderate withdrawal symptoms, such as periodic sweating, feeling hot, shaky and confused, light sleep/insomnia, all that fun stuff. But I am done, and determined to be done. I just don't know what to expect.

    As background, a year ago my go to drink was CocaCola, with wine every once in a while. Things got rough about six months ago and I am the queen of self-medication, so I just self-medicated myself into a daily one liter bottle of wine drinking habit.

    I need to get this under control. Can anyone help me see the light at the end of this tunnel?

    Thank you in advance for any insight you can give me.


  1. Mr. Yukk
    Hi Oephailea,

    I've had some experience with alcohol (understatement of the year?), maybe I can help.

    Are you drinking the liter of wine throughout the day, or just in the evening?
    Do you need a drink in the morning if you are feeling really rough?

    One measure to take is to cut each glass of wine with some soda water; should be easy to get down to a single standard size bottle a day.

    Excersise, hydration, nutrition are all key if you are going to use alcohol on a regular basis, in part because they are things that are easy to let slide and also because they are necessary to move it through your system.

    This is coming from someone who a few years ago would drink 3 liters of wine or so over the course of a workday. (Not every day! Only the reddest ones) I've gone up and down in my drinking, but at any level those three things are most important.
  2. Akulina23
    I would suggest at that level of consumption you do a medical detox rather than a tapering process. Tapering processes are often hard to attempt for 2 reasons 1) Tapering often doesn't stop at tapering and triggers binging or rewarding yourself with alcohol, both unhealthy processes if you're wanting to be sober/abstinent. 2) A medical detox will sort out the sweating/nausea/shakes side of things while you focus on looking after yourself, whereas drinking less is still drinking and often doesn't stop, if you are indeed one of those people who, like me, has an inability to control their drinking once they have one drink. The choice however is still yours, and I wish you luck with it nonetheless. I'm day 2 of sobriety after 6 months of alcoholic drinking and need Librium at this stage and for the next few days to get over the worst of the shakes. Also focusing on rest, nutrition, and maintaining a calm state of mind as best you can is a good place to start too.
  3. DarkSideOfTheMoon819
    i could say that after 10 years of being addict to alchool its one ofthe easiest to quit along with benzodiapedine , But that's just me ...

    What to expect , Alot of anxiety , excessive sweating , insomnia , vomitting , headache and it goes on . But you are stronger than that o know you can do it ! its a matter of days!

    DarkSideOfTheMoon819 added 9 Minutes and 35 Seconds later...

    shaking alot upon waking up , thats the most youre gonna get ! all my love to you
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