when will i start to feel normal. ? Withdrawal from Kratom. - Part 2

By Openmymind · Nov 17, 2014 · ·
  1. Re: when will i start to feel normal. ?

    It's not so much withdrawals anymore but post acute withdrawal syndrome, i just don't feel like my self.

    Just so tired. Can't focus, untalkative , unmotivated.

    But physically i feel fine. Should i just drink some caffeine and suck it up or will that just set me back more and is sobriety worth waiting for?

    I'm just so confused.

    I need a job badly . i'm broke.

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    I did tell them I was going through withdrawals but they chose what they chose they thought after 3 days it would all be over. i was having anxiety attacks due to the phenibut i was taking to cope with the initial withdrawals from the kratom.

    And They misdiagnosed me and i feel fine without the medication they put me on. they had me taking way too many drugs i didn't feel good at all i feel fine while sober other then the tiredness.

    All the paranoia, anxiety , and all that is gone for now.


  1. JonnyBGoode
    Re: when will i start to feel normal. ?

    It maybe that they over diagnosed or misdiagnosed you in the first instance, I'm not a doctor and I have never seen your medical records but just from my basic knowledge I'd be a little surprised if someone was diagnosed with bipolar, schizophrenia AND mania at the same time and given meds for all three. In the UK that would be quite unlikely but it varies greatly from place to place and doctor to doctor etc.

    I would say that it's very likely that you're suffering from at least one of them though and I do think it's a good idea to get meds for whichever it is, if you are schizophrenic you may feel 'fine' but not be and it isn't a psychological condition that you can just leave and hope for the best, my cousin is schizophrenic and we've been through a lot with her, she NEEDS her meds, with her correct meds she hasn't had an episode for 10 years or more and she was involuntarily sectioned 3 times prior to that.

    I have been suffering from depression with anxiety related symptoms and am also trying to clean up from opiates so I'm on Subutex, I know the feeling of mental exhaustion and strain you're going through and it's brutally hard to cope with even the smallest of tasks like feeding yourself sometimes. IF I were in your position I would seek a second opinion from a different doctor explaining what happened the first time around and also discuss your opiate WD's as they maybe able to help with that too, a SHORT Subutex taper like 30-40 days could make this process a lot less stressful.

    Best of luck amigo. Keep fighting, don't let the bastard voices grind you down, stay strong and keep us updated with your progress.
  2. Dreggs
    Re: when will i start to feel normal. ?

    Personally found supplements really helpful in combating the fatigue. That and making sure you eat enough protein in your diet, 1 gram of protein per kg of bodyweight, as all neurotransmitters are made from protein.
    I take a high strength multi mineral and vitamin,
    Tyrosine 2g three times a day with zinc, vitamin c and b6(dopamine precursors)
    High strength b vit complex
    Omega 3,
    And as you've mentioned, caffeine, 200mg when needed. It actually gives me a buzz as it goes. It's a pretty long list I know, but since taking it I'm off the antidepressant.
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