when will i start to feel normal. ? Withdrawal from Kratom. - Part 3

By Openmymind · Nov 18, 2014 · ·
  1. Re: when will i start to feel normal. ?

    My brother threw out my multivitamin.

    I hate that. it makes it so much harder to detox without getting a proper supplementation.

    I have a good game plan. 1 week totally sober then i'm adding caffeine to my regimen and i'll hope for the best!. Feeling good today!.

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    I was wondering whether it is worth it or not to go and get disability money for the schizophrenia.

    i'm staying off my medications though. I don't hear voices so much anymore.

    I feel a lot less depressed without the medications so it's a no brainer. I just need to keep making good sober decisions!.


  1. ianzombie
    Re: when will i start to feel normal. ?

    I am going to report this thread to be moved to the kratom forum as the OP has clarified that it is only kratom that they have quit, not opiates.
    Kratom is not an opiate.
  2. Openmymind
    Thank you, I misunderstood.

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    Dead tired tonight. all i can think about is using more kratom.

    No drugs are helping me get energy at all.

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    By drugs i mean ginseng, Caffeine, coffee.
  3. Dreggs
    Yeah that list of supplements is an all or nothing kind of thing, personally found no benefit in taking any of them individually, apart from tyrosine, it's the combination that does it. And obviously there's worse than being tired, no sleep is imo the worse part. And the doses of the supplements I personally went for the top end of everything,
    Ginseng 3grams,
    Zinc 100mg,
    Ginko 120mg three times daily. Rhodiola 600mg,
    B6 200mg.
  4. ianzombie
    The fatigue will pass, just give it time.
    I know it is irritating, especially if you have a life to live.
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