when will i start to feel normal. ? Withdrawal from Kratom. - Part 5

By Openmymind · Nov 19, 2014 · ·
  1. I do realize i am addicted already. I'm not in a bad mood .

    I've made a lot of progress.

    what i hope to obtain from this LSD trip is a new mindset.

    I want to remove the.... " this is only fun with kratom " mindset i've been having.

    I just want to have a clean mindset again . I'm not in acute withdrawal that is long over, I haven't used anything opiate or opoid related in over a month.

    I hope the Lsd gives me energy, a positive outlook , new ideas , and hopefully the ability to get motivated again to acheive greatness. with or without kratom, or any drugs.

    Because everyone seems to think i'm mentally ill / a drug addict and i want to move out and i'm sick of living life this way.

    I have full faith that i will have a good trip. the only thing bugging me is that my parents are around... but i haven't dropped yet. maybe i'll wait till they leave or figure out something else.

    One thing is for sure, i'm not driving anywhere under the influence.

    I really just want this form to be like a journal to me. I don't plan on going into great detail about the upcoming trip.

    I really hope this stomach sickness goes away, not related to any withdrawal i went from being vegan to vegetarian and i ate a lot of cheese i think that is the problem.


  1. Dreggs
    For what it's worth when I quit opiates, in order to be actually able to function at work I started using amphetamine. It did exactly what it said on the tin. I've since quit the speed, which is a walk in the park compared to opiates . Good luck with the trip btw, sounds like a kill or cure moment.
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