when will i start to feel normal. ? Withdrawal from Kratom. - Part 7

By Openmymind · Nov 21, 2014 ·
  1. I'm glad i took the risk but I still can't wait until i can afford some more kratom.

    Just gonna enjoy my ecig and give getting sober another chance.

    I had an amazing trip and i felt better than i have in a loooong time .

    but i know acid is playing with fire and i can't do that often at all. The magic is gone so quickly and i can't afford it.

    One thing is for sure though.

    The trip was worth and i feel less prone to relapse now than before. it was a great mind opener about how well my life is going since getting off kratom and what i need to do to be more happy in a sober mindset.

    and i only took 1 tab.

    I miss the days where kratom would last 15+ hours on a 2 gram dosage level.

    This is gonna be worth the wait i just know it.


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