Withdrawal from prescription drugs are a bitch. - Part 3

By Zoeyxx · Dec 2, 2014 · ·
  1. Sorry, just got back to the forum so i'll be updating & quoting stuff.

    Yeah, Shelby would never drive under the influence of anything. She even went as far as letting her parents know she smoked, so *JUST IN CASE* Shelby gets the crazy idea to want to drive, there are proxies set up to make sure that doesn't happen.

    Shelby is sure though no amount of high would make her drive under the influence, though.

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    Yeah, Shelby tried and they are all around the same price. The visit is between 80-90 bucks, and Shelby is a college student on a very very extremely limited income. And the place she went to originally that's putting her through the bullshit, got new management and that's when everything went haywire. She also quit a migraine medication because she couldn't afford the visits. (Which, she isn't really upset about because she abused them to get high and is glad she isnt doing that anymore and just smoking pot)

    Shelby heard, though, that colleges are supposed to require help. She's never thought about asking about any programs they may have, but she thinks she might try. Would it work even if she wasn't living on Campus?

    Paxil is an antidepressant, yes.

    There is a clinic around Shelby's home that she is going to meet with a financial advisor on Friday about visits and prices, so she's hoping that can help. She thinks she should have originally went to this clinic. She went right before the accident happened (same month, actually, wow what a coincidence) and they based it on income, so she only paid $20 and she got a years worth of birth control before having to re-visit.

    The problem is that to visit again and get reduced prices, you need to meet with the financial advisor. It's more of an annoyance, explaining to someone you don't have the money to go to another clinic. But birth control is a medical necessity, so she has to take these steps. She thought about calling the clinic she got the birth control from and explaining, seeing if they could give her the script for Paxil. Shelby decided against it, though.

    The clinic was overtaken by new management and the original doctor that ran it was not happy about it. She didn't make me Shelby pay for a drug test because they had just introduced new management, it seemed to Shelby like the doctor thought it was bullshit. She was a super sweet lady and always was sweet to discuss anything with me in a kind way. She's definitely Shelby's favorite. But, She has tried calling and explaining and all they did was reiterate state rules that it was required, so she got annoyed and hung up.

    Shelby has already been off of Paxil for almost a week now. She has one pill that almost tortures her because when she feels down, she knows she can take it and within an hour she will be calm again - but she doesn't want to go backwards. She hates the fact that she has to take pills to fill better, and she is still pretty pissed that the awful withdrawal was not mentioned to her until AFTER she had forgotten t take the medicine for 48 hours, and suffered the awfulness of them.

    It does help her. And she might, if she could, be put back on it or something more gentle.


  1. lostlygirl
    I wouldn't feel bad about needing an antidepressant. If I felt I needed one, then I would absolutely take them and not let anyone, ever, make me feel bad about it.

    You may find that the Paxel helps keep the other drugs in check. Do you think you like other drugs because it makes you feel calm?
    I would never feel bad about needing an antidepressant. Sweety, if you do well on it, and its helping you, then that's a good thing :).

    If you take the time to see the financial advisor at the clinic you shouldn't have to meet with him everytime you need to see a Dr. Typically you should only have to meet with the advisor every 6 mths or so. If you get it out of the way now, then if you ever needed to go in for an emergency situation you will be able to.

    Did you have trouble with anxiety before the car accident? How are you feeling with the withdrawals? Are you doing any better?

    Hugs, xxoo
  2. supermono
    Well I read it all.
    The motor can be fixed easy but the human being takes longer. Good luck with it and if smoking something helps then go for it I say.

    One thing I will never understand is why people are allowed to make vast profits from drugs and I dont mean street drugs. I mean any drug that will help a human being.
    Feck the pharmacutical companys its a joke. It should be non profit making.

    Its different here in the UK but It wont be long before its the same as the USA imo.

    Good luck to you.

    Peace Mono
  3. lostlygirl
    Mono, I absolutely agree with you!
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