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  1. Today is my no people day. Trying to avoid as much human contact as possible, ignore messages etc. Even if I know that evening is planned full of social activities. Pure torture.I feel like I could simply crawl into cave and stay here.

    I am trying to stop looking up information about all possibilities what could be wrong with my veins, it does not help, just makes it even worse and makes my anxiety skyrocket. Besides, I bet that this mostly is only in my head and that my health problems are not so bad as it seems because of my state of mind during the start of withdrawals.

    I know what I need- a bottle of vodka or brandy to make anxiety go away, but, as I have quite responsible evening ahead, I can not do it.

    I would give everything just to call in sick and stay at home.

    I feel a lot worse than it was the previous time when I should have been withdrawing, but I was not.

    FML! FB_IMG_1489315084661.jpg

    About Author

    A fully functioning (have a job and gaining second higher education as A+ student) IV addict from Eastern Europe trying to keep her life togeather and fighting herown demons.Trying make the best out of her life as far as it is possible keeping in mind the fact of her drug abuse.And not to die before time.

    Familiar with drugs for more than 12 years.


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