Without my Subutex for a week and a half!

By Southern_peach 91 · Dec 5, 2017 · ·
  1. I really Thanksgiving break my doctor's office was closed I tried to be responsible so that I would not be without my medication and create doctor's appointment in time so I would not run out of my medication I later get a call saying that they over scheduled and they had to reschedule my appointment this appointment was rescheduled for a week and a half after my medication was due to be out I went into with draws possibly on Day 2 without my medication it was painful I couldn't get out of bed. First started awful headache with restless leg syndrome nausea my entire body felt locked up I was beyond exhausted and extremely emotional. I needed to take something to help me deal with the pain to help me get my mind off of the awful agonizing pain I was going through so I turned to cocaine. Cocaine is not a drug that I have used in the past I started using just to help me get through my withdrawals became hooked on it but not so much to the point that I was dependent on it. My first time doing coke I didn't feel anything the first day or the second day and that was me possibly two grams a day. Finally at night on the second day I was able to feel something. It gave me so much energy to get through what I needed to get through and continue to meet my priorities it took my mind off of the pain but it did not necessarily take away the pain. I found myself floating me and within 5 minutes after wanting to do it again. I just recently was able to get her medication back probably 2-3 days ago I was very surprised that even after getting my subutext back in my system I was still going through withdrawal symptoms I believe it took 4 days of taking my medication to get that normal. I now have my regular dosage of medication and I no longer am having withdrawal symptoms. I am able to see my medication now better than ever solely because I was out for so long I know that once I fully get back into my system I will not be able to feel my medication again because it hasn't plateau effect I was already at my stable level so it's nice to be able to fill my medication again even if in a few days I know I won't feel it anymore.


  1. brainfog219
    Wow. I've been on suboxone for 7 years and can't get off
  2. brainfog219
    At this point all the suboxone does for me is make me feel normal with a side of depression and anxiety. This med is so hard to get off of even at 1mg a day. I am not looking forward to the day I dont have anymore that's for sure. I want off but I just can't do it on my own. I even am prescribed 2 benzos but they dont help very well either. The pain and lack of sleep is unbearable at least for me it was and lasts at least a week. I feel like a zombie on it and off it. Strangest drug I've ever used. Oh and I hate it and most the sub Drs dont understand how bad and long the withdrawals are. I've even been down to 0.5mg a day and jumped. Same crappy feeling for weeks. Not sure how Im ever going to get off of this messy drug.
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