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    I found this pinned to a corkboard in the house I'm minding and looking after the pets for owners while they are away.

    My phone shat itself not long after I got here yeterday and being 50m from the beach and summer weather still hanging around, it was kinda nice and freeing to escape mobile madness for a bit and immerse in the salty, sunny and sandy goodness of this little coastal town.

    About Author

    I'm a 25yr old HAS BEEN daily user of meth. A habit I've still managed to keep hidden in the dark from my loved ones and anyone closely around me. I created this journal as a means of expressing my emotional turmoil and internal battle with this drug, my first and only avenue of confessions involving my dark and dirty little secret. I stay dedicated through abstinence for accountability and the hopes that my story may resonate with others and impact them in a positive way.
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