yep Imma pullin' outta Dodge...

By Peridot13 · Feb 13, 2018 · ·
  1. As John Wayne might have said. I'm moving to the city this spring.
    So I went for a pole walk earlier, man was it ever cold!
    This was a nice long outing with another stop for coffee and a duck into the
    pub (no ale, thanks) and a chat with a fellow I know about his wife who's been
    brainwashed by some couple from Detroit area..and she ran away from her husband and daughter and new grand daughter to be down there and he can't get her back because she now calls them mommy and daddy. She's been down there for a year, her 6 month visa has expired, she is working as a "volunteer" for a certain organisation for the blind.
    But in listening to him, I always remember that there are two sides to every story.
    Sometimes I'm so glad to just be a recovering addict. But I also know that I have work to do on my own life.
    Don't all addicts?


  1. Mingo123
    Yep, I think so. The Drug gets so consuming that everything else wastes away.

    YOU are making amazing progress - no ale and your walks are on a regular basis.
    You're even making time to talk with people! I am happy for you!
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