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Cocaine: separation with view to divorce

Rainflake, Mar 16, 2017 | |
  1. Journal Description

    The other journals on this forum inspired me to try my own challenges.
    Nobody in my life knows about my relapse to cocaine, I have to try and hide this fight. Hopefully this journal can be an outlet.
    I have withdrawn opiates in the past and never touched them again. But the mental challenge of coke is harder for me.
    Compared to others I might sound like a pussy but I am really afraid when the coke runs out. And today I have let it run out because its controlling my life.
    For my heart and my nose, for my bank account and my mental health. I have to try.
    Have been on half to 1 gram a day for a few months. Now going to zero to see how it feels.

    About Author

    Quite messed up. Body and mind. Not sure if this one can even be saved. But lets try.