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    Today I am focusing on dwelling in the moment. I realized a couple weeks ago that I get a sad feeling when I think of the past because it's a time that is now gone. Things change, and that's ok. Today has just as much memory potential as any other. Right now, today, I am making new memories. I want to enjoy them while they happen. Drug free today, other than some green flowers that my husband brought home. I have not had any opiates for about 2 months now. I was tempted to order my seeds (pst is the only way for me anymore thanks to a huge tolerance issue. I was on 180 mg of oxy a day with no response) a couple times, but the urge passed and I'm happy I didn't go hit the proceed to checkout button. Not saying I won't ever again, but for today I'm going to be just fine.

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    I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. My journey to enjoying life without substance abuse.
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