Getting that fresh start

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    This is my first entry to this journal. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone to do this. I really like to write it gets a lot of those soured up needs to want to do drugs out. Today I'll be clean 13 days off of meth. and 7 days off of Tianeptine sodium. been using for 17 years and im 33 years old.

    This blog is for me. I have been torn apart on this site and nit picked by a few people for how I wrote in the past in the meth forums.
    As i went back and read those stupid posts now I see why.

    I'm the kind of person who always felt alone in the crowd. maybe it was the heavy drug use? Or maybe its been myself this whole time.

    As six days have passed now from being out of the homeless shelter I went to their clinic and have been prescribed prozac. no real difference yet . I'm just ready to feel regular ,but im struggling to know what that feels like!??!

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    23 scarecrows
    33 year old male, chef,career drug user who wants to hang that drug use career up.