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  1. Journal Description

    So I have had active addictions in the past (like 8 or more years ago). Got clean and stayed cleaned. Well in June my divorce/custody battled after a year and a half long of complete fighting. You name it, it happened and it was the most awful time in my life. So then I tinkered with drug of choice. A lesser one actually because I was self medicating (PTSD). Only for maybe a month and a half. Then when I thought about stopping I was worried about wd. I have 2 kids and a business so being down and out was not an option.
    Long story in short i Found lopermide and well that got Bad! Taking handfuls of it for about 6 or 7 months give or take. Cut my dose in half and tried to taper. Yes, it was uncomfortable and even in say like 40 a day I was still yuck.
    I used kratom for my cut, only for two days, and then I put it back away. I thought they did Nothing. When I first took it I was getting sick so it was not a fair assessment. Sooo bringing it up to date I quit Tues 3/7, which was my last dose of 11 early morning. I am taking the Kratom in replacement. My mind gets focused and set on something and I get compulsive and Find a way. It's a blessing and a curse.
    Finding the right dosage has been challenging. I ordered the capsules and it's wierd. But powder is on its way.
    Trust me I Know what people say about kratom addiction but I will only use it for a stepping stone, just like I did with suboxone for hydros ago. Complete success because I was completely focused on what had to be done. No more, no less. It has been several days so far so I am thrilled not to be deathly sick.
    Does anyone know how long the lope wd should last? I am assuming a month as the long half life in them and from reading experience.
    Staying focused and keeping my eye on the prize! Any info abd/Or encouragement would be much appreciated!
    Stay blessed!!