New Emperor, Same Clothes

  1. Journal Description

    Third Journal; Third Ascent. 2-8-19 begins my ascent from meth.
    Commonalities & Contrasts. Lessons Learned & Not learned. Patterns, Sabotage & Attitudes.
    Incongruities & Clarifications.
    Opioid Crisis & Heroin ala Meth.
    Dominance & Submission.
    The Red & The Black.
    Peace & Love.
    Faith & Hope.
    Sex & Violence.
    Trust & Forgiveness.
    Pork & Beans.
    These topics most definitely might or might not be addressed in this, my third time at the pulpit, but I really don't know. Writing entries is my way of maintaining conscious contact with my recovery and with my tribe. For me it's also an enjoyable indulgence, a constructive alternative to chemical self-immolation, and good writing practice; so I'll proceed as I've done in my other journals and just write whatever suits me as I chart the course of my ascent to higher ground.

    About Author

    Howzitgoin, everybody! I'm a committed loner whose addictions span 5 decades. So, yeah, there's been some damage done.