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  1. Journal Description

    Three years ago i found this wonderdrug dropped from God himself. I tried every drug there is, in every way mix there is. But this shit just grabbed me by the balls and I was hooked right away.

    First time I took it i toke 4-6g, had sex every two hour, made music and paintings and felt like God. That kept on for a couple of months and I took a couple of weeks break.. It was doable. Last six months it has gone out of control totally.. around 12g a day.. dating 3-4 girls at once.. making a fool of myself in so many ways as possible, mixing it with amph and extacy.
    Living life like there was no tomorrow. During these years I lost my job, girlfriend and home. Now living on my mothers couch and thinking.. what the fukk did happen!??

    Only good thing that happened during this time was that my artist career made a rocket start. I produced 50 paintings last year and had my first exhibition and sold good. I had my second two months ago and sold my all my paintings before the exhibition was open to a local art collector.. but no more art no for a while.. my brain have to heal. This might sound more than stupid. But when I´m done and my brain is somewhat back to normal. I will use Phenibut again. But not everyday and with a deep respect for it.

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    messed up guy.