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    I am quitting drugs today and attempting to conceive tomorrow as a surrogate for a gay couple. I have been mired in the same rut of work and chasing down substances for years. It’s time to grow up. Seeing a drug counselor to help me stay clean. Wish I could try gabapentin to help w the cravings but it’s contraindicated for pregnancy. I’ll have to go it alone.

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    calico moe
    37/F NY
    Heavy drug user
    I took my last hit this afternoon. The Party’s over. I’m hoping to have a baby as a surrogate mother. Partly to get clean and give me something important to devote my life to for a while. My family disowned me for giving my baby to gay guys so I’ve just got the backing of my husband, who has been here for me throughout the sometimes hellish magic carpet ride. Good man.