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  1. Journal Description

    After 10 years taking codeine I finally quit, it's not been easy but I'm one month clean and feeling much better. Along the way Iv had some ups and downs and I find myself in this place on a regular script of drugs which I feel have run their course, I'm tired of popping pills to feel ok now and I want to be drug free.

    I have an anxiety thing which Iv always had, I take pregablin for this which works great, I may have to stay on this stuff but ideally the minimum dose I can to be ok so I may not get down to zero but it will be as close as possible

    The drugs I take at the mo are as follows:-

    Per Day

    400mg Pregablin
    120mg propranolol
    5mg Olanzipine
    2mg Champix
    7.5mg Zopiclone
    100mg Diphenhydramine

    This journal will be my journey as I work towards a pill free existence, I hope my words can help others going through the same thing