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  1. Journal Description

    My journal will talk about my struggles with opiate addiction, my choice to enroll in a Subutex treatment program, the difficulties I go through when I am out of my medicine, and how I handle my with draws. I initially got hooked on opiates through dental troubles and a back injury. My doctor's never would prescribe a high enough dose for me because they would tell me I am so young (I'm 26) and because I am so small. They did not realize how HIGH my tolerance is. So I began getting my pain pills off the street as well as going to a pain management Dr. Eventually It got to a point where chasing the high was all I could think about. That isn't how I want to live my life!! I enrolled myself into a treatment program with the use of subutex. The treatment center is not the most organized but it is what is closest to me. Due to their treatment centers unorganized staff I have ran out of my medicine before my next pick up date several times. The with draw that comes from being without Subutex is very painful and uncomfortable.