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  1. Journal Description

    IMG_0378.JPG Today i have decided to start this journal because its the best thing to when life gets you down.

    my life has been so chaotic lately i dont even know where to start.
    about 6 weeks ago my ex husband was arrested, since then i quit drinking caffeine soda, must have lost 15 pounds.
    At the same time, i quit taking tramadol for fibromyalgia, must have lost a good 10 pounds with that.

    so all in the same month i had no income, no husband, about lost my children over his drunken behaviors, and quit several bad habits.

    now, i am going to tackle the worst one of all, those fucking cigarettes.been smoking them since i was around 8 years old, enough is enough.
    its a damn tough addiction, but, when you are waiting on child support for your only source of income, its the right thing to do.

    i still have my ecig, which will save me loads of not only money, but my lung and throat health to.
    menthols are killers, i feel it in my throat every single day, i have got to stop.

    so, as of now, im about out, and i am vowing not to buy another single pack!

    lifes a bitch sometimes, but, sometimes tough changes have great outcomes.

    i look forward to the challenge, kind of ;)

    to anyone else who hates their cigarette addiction, you can do it..

    if it wasnt for my closest friends hooking me up with marijuana as i go threw all this, i would be flesh and bone. so, i will not even comment on my marijuana addiction at this point.
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