1 old and 3 new methadone bottles

I got the first empty bottle (the one to the left the 120mg one) from my clinic when nobody was looking, because used bottles must be returned once you are done with them. The other 3 bottles are my take home bottles for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. They are all 110mg's. If you notice 2 of the other pictures on here (One with a picture of 2 110mg bottles and one with a case of 110mg takehome bottles) we both get methadone from the same "re-bottling" source because you can see his bottles match up with my 1st bottle, the 120mg one. Now they have stopped making those labels and make the labels that are on the other 3 bottles in my picture that have 110mg's each in them. They company re-bottles them in Florida an sends them out to different clinics for distribution and pre-measured dosing.

1 old and 3 new methadone bottles
RichInMethadonia, Aug 24, 2013
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    Aug 24, 2013
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