5-ho-dmt bufotenine

INTELLIGENCE BRIEF - "BLACK ROCK" (POSSIBLE "LOVE STONE") IN CHEYENNE, WYOMING Photo 10 The Wyoming State Crime Laboratory (Cheyenne, Wyoming) recently received a small amount of a dark unknown substance (total net mass 0.37 grams), alleged "Black Rock" from Taiwan (see Photo 10). The material was packaged in a small plastic ear plug bag, and came with printed instructions for using it as a sexual aid (by topical application to male genitalia). The exhibit was seized by the Cheyenne Police Department from a suspect during a DWUI arrest. In bulk, the sample appeared to be black, but small shards from the bulk sample were amber colored. Analysis by GC/MS (crude solvent extract as well as following derivatization with BSTFA/Trimethylchlorosilane 9:1) indicated a complex mixture containing bufotenine as a minor (and the only controlled) component (quantitation not performed). This was the first submission of "Black Rock" or bufotenine (in any form) to the laboratory.

5-ho-dmt bufotenine
Terrapinzflyer, Sep 20, 2009
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