Photo involving an individual with an alcohol problem.

honourableone, Apr 14, 2009
    • Sushi
      Sadly beautiful..
    • ipunk
      so poor you girl,,,,
    • Jkbea
      I'd like more info..this could depict an addiction or the end result of a break up, loss of job, or death of loved one, all which could be isolated incidents. If this is happening every night fine..it is heart wrenching. Regardless, she obviously has youth on her side and can still find her purpose (as can anyone of any age). It is my opinion that alcohol addiction can stem from a.) feeling worthless, i.e not meeting your full potential and have chosen to have nothing better to do than drown it out and down the hatch. b.) Avoiding the miserable life you have chosen for yourself (here's to you, Dad!). c.) You just plain enjoy it. C is the toughest one to dispute personally but judging by this girls eyes..she does not fall into that category.

      Sending positive energy your way..pretty girl with bottle.
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    Apr 14, 2009
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