Amphetamine Sulfate (96%)

Yellow waxy Amphetamine sulfate directly from a fresh batch (NOT a paste). The color changes when applied a bit of pressure on it, or if it bends/cracks. The amphetamine is relatively soft, and definitely NOT powder. It sticks to the plastic and is very difficult to scrap everything off. Once mashed, it turns 'whitish' but still a taint of yellow. Supposedly 60-80mg a day is the MAX dose limit. The image shows 5 grams of Amphetamine Sulfate from Spain. 200 mg tested over a night resulted in 45 hours no sleep, strokes during and after sexual activity (7-8 hours after first consumption). Heart rate was at 96bm 12 hours after last consumption and fell back to 64bm 30 hours after last consumption. Extreme loss of appetite was observed.

Amphetamine Sulfate (96%)
DepressedFreak, Mar 24, 2013
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