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my cousin from zeta reticuli....about 39 light years away from Earth. its a binary star cool is that. thats why he has developed dark eyes b/c of the amount of light given off by 2 stars. about 2 billion yrs. ago a chromoshere developed around one of the suns, giving it a great level of magnetism. thus allowing my cousin Xanax and his people to master magnetics. before the "singularity" (pre-big-bang), there was, for the sake of argument an egg, which had 4 main forces. 1. weak nuclear force. 2. strong nuclear force. 3. magnetism. 4. gravity. some how these 4 powers split after the "big bang", causing scientist around the world to debate why gravity is weaker of the forces. but if u comm. w/ Zeta's they will tell u, yes a magnet can over come gravity w/ a paper clip if u hold it over a tall building...despite all earth's mass exerting itself on it, but they say it only appears that way b/c gravity fills other voids. hence science's theory of M-brain or string theory....that there is 13 dimensions that gravity leaks in and out of or just leaks to. who knows i haven't talked to Xanax in like 3yrs. when i did a huge amount of SALVIA DIVINORUM. + IT TAKES him like 15 yrs. to get here. thats 30 round trip. despite cryo apparatuses. however they have not, but are working on it, been able to bend or fold as to cut the distance one travels. yes i'm certified! joey g.

benzo cosmonaught
joey g., May 5, 2010
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