chocolate turtle containing mdma

chocolate turtles containing MDMA seized in Oregon. Courtesy DEA's Microgram MDMA IN TURTLE-SHAPED CHOCOLATES AND IN PSILOCYBE
MUSHROOMS NEAR PORTLAND, OREGON The Oregon State Police Portland Metro Forensic Laboratory (Clackamas) recently received two turtle‑shaped chocolates wrapped in aluminum foil, suspected to contain MDMA (see Photo 1). The exhibit, along with marijuana, psilocin mushrooms, and LSD, was seized by the Lake Oswego Police Department in Lake Oswego, Oregon, incident to a traffic stop. The chocolates had a brown center portion and a white/green candy coating (see Photo 2). Analysis of the chocolates (total net mass 14.8 grams) by UV and GC/MS indicated MDMA (not quantitated, but a moderate loading based on the TIC) in the center portion. Analysis of the psilocin mushrooms also indicated MDMA at significant levels (based on the TIC). No visible powder was present, suggesting that the mushrooms were infused with a liquid containing MDMA. This is the first submission of chocolates containing MDMA to the state's laboratory system.

chocolate turtle containing mdma
Terrapinzflyer, Sep 17, 2009
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